IDS: WTW's digital multi-parameter system for lab and field - WTW (English)

19.06.2013 English , IDS , Lab , Laboratory
The IDS concept from WTW: intelligent, digital sensors for the standard parameters pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

The IDS system consists of two components: digital sensors and the matching field and laboratory instruments. New: measuring values are now processed directly in the sensor and not by the instrument. The active sensor defines the parameter to be measured makes the instrument to a pH, conductivity, D.O. or multi meter.

Not only for the field -- such as the new multi-parameter depth sondes MPP IDS -- but also for the laboratory: Besides the modern portable MultiLine® meters Multi 3410, 3620 and 3630 there is a new generation of laboratory benchtop meters: the inoLab® IDS series with the inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS, the inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS and the inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS.

The product range from WTW offers the world's most complete line of pH/ORP, D.O./ BOD/Respirometry and Conductivity Instruments, Turbidity Meters and Photometers including reagents. WTW offers premium optical technology instruments with the spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series for the UV and VIS range.

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